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Principal - J Cairns
01904 798722 (#5) hello@mce.hslt.academy
Principal - J Cairns



York Independent State School Partnership (ISSP)

Manor’s provision for Gifted and Talented students

York ISSP is an equal partnership of 11 secondary schools in York of which Manor CE Academy is a member.

As well as providing for our most able students through differentiation in lessons, Manor is very proud of its association with the York ISSP and the significant additional opportunities this partnership offers our most able students.

Students are selected in two ways, firstly through the outcome of CATS tests taken at the start of year 7, all those scoring 120 or higher are offered the opportunity to take part, secondly through teacher recommendation, if five or more of their teachers recommend them they are also offered a place. These recommendations are done each year for all students so if they miss out one year they have another opportunity the year after. Around 10% of each year group take part in ISSP events.

Breakthrough event for year 7 – St Peter’s for one day

An introduction to ISSP particularly aimed at students from less advantaged backgrounds. They hear talks about the six greatest breakthrough moments in human history then debate with each other which they think was the greatest of all.

7-8 lectures – York University, three times a year

Evening lectures for students in years 7 and 8, parents can attend with them, covering a range of themes including archaeology, the Enigma machine etc.

Masterclasses – Bootham and St Peter’s, three Saturday afternoons a year

These masterclasses cover a range of topics, years 7-8 attend Bootham and cover Arts, Humanities or STEM subjects. Years 9-11 attend St Peter’s and do much more specific subject led masterclasses and they centre round a theme, this year it is “What is human?” Teachers apply to lead them and provided they stick to the theme they have free reign over what they do

Year 7-10 summer school – Manor, first four days of the summer holiday

This is a similar event to the masterclasses but for a longer and more sustained period. This is the only paid event for students at £300.

Year 8-9 maths excellence club – York University

A club to push on the highest attaining mathematicians

GCSE Latin – Bootham or St Peter’s, 2 hours a week for 2 years starting in year 9

Selected students can do GCSE Latin, taught by and in the Independent Schools with the exam taken in year 10

GCSE Astronomy – Bootham, 2 hours a week for 2 years starting in year 10

Selected students can do GCSE Astronomy, taught by and in Bootham using their observatory, with the exam taken in year 10

Year 9 Brathay residential – October half term

Selected students stay in the Brathay centre for a week doing outdoor pursuits as well as mindfulness, psychology and other wholeness activities

Year 10 Oxford University visit

York is linked with Mansfield College. Students attend a lecture, tour student accommodation, meet Oxford University students who come from York, eat a formal lunch and go on a city tour

Year 11 History nerds group

Oxbridge destined students have seminars with a York University professor pushing the most able historians into degree level debate and focus.