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Principal - J Cairns
01904 798722 (#5) hello@mce.hslt.academy
Principal - J Cairns


Our Vision

Our School Christian Vision

Manor was established in 1812, with the school motto of “Deo Duce” (led by God) and this informs our Christian vision as a school which is “growing together, serving others and living life to the full.” 

Serving others is a core part of Christian teaching. Jesus said that he did not come to be served, but to serve (Matthew 20:28). That is still a radical claim that challenges our social order and is the model for our Christian lives. The Manor community seeks to serve others and does so in a variety of ways both inside and outside our school, to enable our staff, pupils, local and wider community to thrive and to flourish.

Growing together is a key part of a school, with students all developing and facing challenges together. 1 Corinthians 12 describes the church as a ‘body with all parts being equally important’. At Manor everyone is valued. We encourage students to be part of the school community which means supporting and encouraging each other.

Finally, Jesus wanted us to live life to the full (John 10:10). The Christian faith does not set out restrictions on how we live our lives, but should set us free to be the people we were designed to be. Students have opportunities to experience all facets of life at Manor, through collective worship, extra-curricular activities, school trips and excellent teaching and curriculum.

The Christian values we want to see developed in our young people are clearly shown throughout the bible, and are used by God to describe Himself in Exodus 34. We want each young person to be gracious, compassionate, loyal, patient, kind, forgiving and just. These values are displayed on banners in the school canteen, posters in classrooms and are in the students’ planners.

Our cross on the school wall is a clear sign of our Christian foundation and serves as a reminder of what lies at the heart of the Christian faith.

Our Trust Vision – Our family of schools

Manor Church of England Academy is part of a wider family of church and community schools and together our school vision aligns to the wider Trust vision;

‘I have come that you may have life in all its fullness’. A place to Thrive. (John 10:10)

Our Trust vision is closely aligned to the Church of England vision of ‘Flourishing School Systems’. The Greek word that we translate as ‘life’ is the word ‘ZOE’. Through the word ZOE, Jesus offers us a broader, deeper, social, moral, cultural, relational, spiritual life that is far beyond whether we are simply alive or not. ZOE life is the full, abundant, broad, deep, rich sense of living together and supporting each other, through all the ups and downs, twists and turns of life.

The document also draws on a second key word from another language – ‘UBUNTU’. This word, drawn from the Zulu language is best translated – ‘I am because we are’. It says that flourishing is never an individual pursuit, but a collective endeavour, released in relationship and communities that live life well together, which links into our school’s PSHE curriculum.