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Principal - J Cairns
01904 798722 (#5) hello@mce.hslt.academy
Principal - J Cairns


Year 11 year group

Welcome to Manor CE Academy Year 11!

Year 11

Welcome back and I hope you have managed to rest and recuperate as you begin what is ultimately the most important and most difficult year of your academic career to date.

4 years ago, you walked into Manor CE Academy as young year 7’s, and I remember seeing your faces when you walked into the building for the first time seeing what challenges and opportunities lay ahead of you. You now walk into school as mature and motivated young people who are on the verge of being let out into the real world to develop your lives and careers and to become the person you were always destined to be.

Like I said in my first Assembly this year, you need to ‘find your why’ and establish the true meaning of why you are at Manor and what you want to achieve. You will face many challenges over the next 12 months and you can overcome these challenges by setting yourself personal goals, jumping over hurdles, asking for help and support and most importantly finding the determination to succeed.

The COVID pandemic has brought an extra challenge to your education and I have been hugely impressed to see that you all have battled adversity to get through this struggle and come out the other side.

You all deserve to have the most amazing and successful final year at Manor and I wish the very best with all of the challenges that lay ahead of you.

Good luck!

Mr Rescole